Media Convention

The International Media Congress
in the Capital Region

in cooperation with re:publica
2 events, 1 ticket

May 5–6, 2015


2015 | 03 | 31

Reaching Audiences – Strategies for Film Marketing

In an era when the traditional release path from cinema to DVD sales and finally to the TV screen is increasingly falling apart, new strategies for film marketing are in demand. Even today, success has long since meant more than simply box-office receipts. But how do films find their audiences today? What distribution paths do studios employ? How can synergies be created between cinema operators, distributors, producers, and film fans? These issues will be discussed by 301+ YouTuber Robert Hofmann, and the CEO of First Hand Films, Esther van Messel, amongst others.

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2015 | 03 | 27

Visual Ventures: New cross-media journalism productions

„Behind the Story”, the filmed reports on the NSU trial, “Angst”, and “Seven Digital Deadly Sins” are impressive examples of what can happen when television producers and newspaper publishers work together to rethink journalism. At MEDIA CONVENTION, we present the most exciting projects from this new realm of “visual storytelling”, and talk to those responsible.

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2015 | 03 | 20

Undercover - Meet the Team mit Günter Wallraff

Günter Wallraff’s undercover team made headlines last year with its undercover research into Burger King’s practices, and showed that private TV broadcasters too can produce valuable investigative work. Outstanding viewing figures and a very positive response on social networks have shown the team is on the right track.

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