Media Convention

The International Media Congress
in the Capital Region

May 5–6, 2015


Reduced train tickets for MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin 2015

Deutsche Bahn offers all conference participants special conditions for a relaxed, comfortable way to and from MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin and re:publica 2015

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YouTube on all channels

In its almost 10 years of existence, YouTube has developed into a colorful hodgepodge of cat videos, makeup tutorials, and song and film parodies. But the industry is undergoing a process of continuous professionalization, and above all commercialization. Many today make bold claims for the platform’s potential, calling it “the future of television” and “a financial gold mine.”

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re:publica Launches its Call for Papers with the Theme "Finding Europe"

Since its founding, the idea of sharing and exchanging knowledge has always been an important part of re:publica. All participants are part of a larger whole,

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