Media Convention

The International Media Congress
in the Capital Region

in cooperation with re:publica
2 events, 1 ticket

May 5–6, 2015


Meet the Team: Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger present their new web series "Der Lack ist ab"

On May 5, Bettina Zimmerman and Kai Wiesinger will present their new web series “Der Lack ist ab” at MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin. In each ten-minute episode, produced in cooperation with Phantomfilm GmbH and MyVideo, the German actors play a middle-aged pair facing the challenges of modern family life with wit and irony.

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2015 | 04 | 07

The new Generation of German TV with Jeannine Michaelsen and Matthias Murmann („Roche & Böhmermann“, „Neo Magazin“)

The new generation of German TV and Web shows plays easily, cheekily, irreverently, and fearlessly with the conventions of entertainment television, reinventing standards and turning old viewing habits upside down. On May 6, the session “That's fun! New German television” brings key figures in the young German TV community together to discuss formats, digital-video networks, and entertainment television made in Germany.

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2015 | 03 | 31

Reaching Audiences – Strategies for Film Marketing

In an era when the traditional release path from cinema to DVD sales and finally to the TV screen is increasingly falling apart, new strategies for film marketing are in demand. Even today, success has long since meant more than simply box-office receipts. But how do films find their audiences today? What distribution paths do studios employ? How can synergies be created between cinema operators, distributors, producers, and film fans? These issues will be discussed by 301+ YouTuber Robert Hofmann, and the CEO of First Hand Films, Esther van Messel, amongst others.

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