Zip Those Lips: Hate Speech!


Are flame wars really still happening? In gaming forums, PC and Apple users used to get sidetracked and start insulting each other’s choice of operating systems. The solution was simple: whoever got annoying got a warning or was thrown out. But that doesn’t work for online attacks against those with different opinions. ALL-CAPS WRITERS and exclamation-mark addicts use every social network possible, and algorithms put absurd opinions on the same level with generally accepted statements. Should media organisations change their rhetoric? Should Facebook and Twitter pre-screen every post? How do we bring discussions back to an acceptable level?


Rayk Anders, Journalist Armes Deutschland

Carline Mohr, Journalist

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ino Augsberg, Professor für Rechtsphilosophie und Öffentliches Recht, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel


Christoph Krachten, CEO Videodays