Working with YouTube – Opportunities and Limitations for Established TV Broadcasters and other Industry Figures


A mabb event

YouTube & Co: Opportunities and limits to cooperation with established TV broadcasters 15.00 – 15.45
YouTube offers incredible reach, but the mass of competing content makes marketing difficult. It’s even more difficult to build a profitable business on the basis of YouTube. This situation produces both opportunities and challenges for established TV broadcasters. On the one hand, they can reach new audiences on platforms such as YouTube. On the other hand, they have to strengthen their own brands and their own content offerings in order to retain users there. YouTube and its peers thus serve more as tools for user acquisition than as separate platforms for broadcasters. As this tension is handled in quite different ways, this session provides an overview of traditional programmers’ strategies.


Dr. Marcus Dimpfel, Head of Strategic Business Development, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland GmbH / Member of the Executive Board, RTL Interactive GmbH

Ronald Horstman, General Manager, Studio71

Felix Mai, Lawyer, ZDF


Christoph Krachten, CEO, VideoDays

Direct line to the user. Thanks to Facebook and Co., actors and presenters manage their own audiences 15.45 – 16.00
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and their peers allow presenters and actors to build and manage their own communities independently of their employers. They can post their own messages, and for the first time have a direct line to users – again, without going through their broadcast employers. Nina Lee describes the role that social media plays for a presenter today, and explains how to manage these new channels.


Nela Lee, Presenter und Actress


Daniel Fiene, Social-Media Editor, Blogger