Who Pays for News Videos Online?


Unge hits the road with his longboard for Disney Maker Studios, Gronkh plays Minecraft for ProSieben’s Studio71, and a porn actress does her best to please for RTL’s BroadbandTV. This is what the – generally successful – offerings by traditional media companies on YouTube look like. News, background reports, documentaries? Nobody wants to watch them. But that’s not the end of the story. American programmers like Vice and NowThis manage to attract billions of clicks with their news and reporting online. Why doesn’t that work for us? How can this kind of content be funded for YouTube and its peers? What conditions need to be in place for journalistic videos and their creators to be successful online?  


Franziska von Kempis, TV journalist, YouTuber

Julia Wegeler, n-tv


Mirko Drotschmann, Presenter and Youtuber