What Podcasts can Learn from the Future


A re:publica event

Podcasts are a niche. Podcasts are technological clutter. Podcasts are exclusively male productions. All these objections have been raised in the last year against a German podcast scene that once was highly praised for its Brechtian approach, and was seen as having huge amounts of potential. The quickly provided solution? All creators (including the few women in the community) should please model themselves after the U.S. scene.
Wrong. All wrong. 
Claudia and Ralf suggest something much more logical: orient yourselves towards the future! 
This poses certain risks. Not all may go well. We fail. We learn. We make better podcasts. And in the process produce some pretty good content. But in this country, we as podcasters don’t simply wait for the future.

It has already been experienced. In projects like Podlove, Ultraschall, and Sendezentrum, as well as collaborative experiments like Der Sender and Radiobüro, a vibrant community continues to create and invent. The Sendegate.de platform alone, with 500 active discussion participants in just three months, has reached a degree of connectivity that the German blogging scene can only dream of. And despite the chronic accusation of a technological fixation, our community’s sustainability has a lot to do with metadata, workflows and production standards.
This talk will illustrate what we’ve learned to date, and what we still need to do.


Claudia Krell, Podcastmuckel, Das Sendezentrum|Die Sondersendung 

Ralf Stockmann, Head of Innovation Management and Scholarly Online Services, re:gierungsrat StaBi Berlin