Teletext Forever: What You Can Learn From A 35-Year-Old New Medium


Summary: The media world is in a state of flux – and so we should pay attention to Teletext, of all things?

Description: Teletext – the underappreciated medium. One person loves it, the next would prefer to toss it immediately in the bin. Yet 11 million people a day read Teletext in Germany alone.

We can learn a lot from a 35-year-old media innovation:

To dare to leave blank space, for example. How to be content with 25 lines of 40 characters. Why page numbers are the shortest links in the world. Why live chess over Teletext is no longer a viewer favourite, and how Teletwitter brings the second screen onto the big screen.

12 points that will give any media startup a push forward – but Teletext was there first.  


Frauke Langguth, Head of ARD Text


Annelie Naumann, freelance writer,