Strategy and Tactics in Journalism and Citizen Media


A re:publica event

In times of continuous grumbling over supposed media crises, this session seeks to give a clearer view of two fundamental questions:
(1) What do we expect from journalism and related forms of media as social actors?
The answer to this question (in a single word: enlightenment) defines a mission and thus goals. This raises the second question:

(2) How can these goals best be attained?
In answering this second question, we will borrow from the public-relations industry’s communication professionals, as well as from the theorists of (military) conflict, in the process drawing closer to a third question:

(3) What would a communications strategy for journalism and citizen media look like if these endeavours were committed to enlightenment, and what would this mean with regard to tactics?
Greece and the Euro crisis will serve as examples of this year’s re:publica motto.


Loren Lorenz-Meyer, Professor, HS Darmstadt / Onlinejournalism