The State of Games Culture in 2016


Socio-ethically disorientating. Caution: only for adults! Computer games are now a multimillion-euro business, and today are even regarded as a cultural good deserving of public support. Even the shooter-game debate is largely passé. Instead, serious reflections on games have invaded the features pages and universities. It seems computer games are finally being taken seriously. Does that mean all is fine? Not entirely! #Gamergate revealed the dark side of a medium barely out of its own adolescence. Nor is the pessimistic cultural view wholly gone. After the terrorist attacks in Paris, for example, some speculated that video games had helped desensitise the attackers.

Christian Schiffer and Deef Pirmasens consider the current state of games culture, and take a look into their crystal ball: What will the shooter-game debate of the future be? When will games genuinely reach the societal mainstream? And is this even necessary?


Deef Pirmasens, Online Coordinator Bayerischer Rundfunk

Christian Schiffer, Editor Bayerische Rundfunk