2014 | 05 | 08

What's up TV?

Television from Abroad


"Get ready for the next generation of reality TV!" A series of crazy and unusual new reality TV formats were presented by Moritz Pohl, head of strategic programming at RTL Television, in his screening "Television from Abroad." They included a number of international programs from such countries as Columbia, Korea, Spain and Israel that have garnered recent interest and surprise. For example, "Goggle Box" from Great Britain (Chanel 4) watches families, couples or singles as they watch weekly TV shows. The candidates at "Utopia," a self-sufficiency project from the Netherlands (SBS 6), go "back to the roots" to fight for a better world. "Sexy Beast" from Great Britain (BBC) is all about dating with a zombie look, whereas in "Adam Looking for Eve" from the Netherlands (RTL 5), it's about dating in the nude. What conclusion can we come to? Nothing is impossible, and innovative entertainment formats are bound to emerge where real life meets good concepts.


Slow TV

The extent to which television-watching tastes vary around the globe was on clear display at a screening with Thomas Hellum from the Norwegian channel NRK. It's a new approach to next-generation TV – one that's much quieter but no less spectacular. The latest trend from Norway is called "Slow TV" and it truly delivers on its promise. The state broadcaster NRK fills hours and days with images of train rides, landscapes, wood fires and fishing – all at prime-time broadcast hours. No cuts, no editing, everything live and in real time. In Norway, "Slow TV" is enjoying record-breaking ratings. Hellum sees the secret of this success in viewers' desire for alternative and contrasting programming. "Deceleration" is the concept – and it's totally works. The NRK real-time broadcast record is held by a Hurtigruten cruise: 134 hours of real time footage without a break!