"TV is not dead!" Format Developers in Dialogue

At the "Engineering Entertainment - Format Developers in Dialogue" session, Duncan Gray (Princess Productions) and Omri Marcus (Electric-Sheep.tv) discussed the future of TV formats.

When everybody says "TV is dead," Duncan Gray says "No, people are still watching!" But there's room for improvement, and it can't be boring, notes Gray. "TV has to react; otherwise audiences are going to go elsewhere." He suggests that TV-makers become more daring, and that they stop watching television to gain inspiration: "Brilliant ideas for TV shows are developed by looking outside at what's happening in reality." He noted that audiences like real things, not something that's been constructed. In his opinion, the best format to emerge recently was "Gogglebox" – and he's annoyed that he didn't develop it himself: "This format made it possible to have a new type of interaction with audiences: your TV films you."

Omri Marcus also thinks that "TV is still a significant tool." He argues that television can bring about changes in society. For him, it's all about telling relevant stories and reaching people in their own homes, i.e. in their most private spaces. "I feel much joy with that and I will take that great opportunity."