2014 | 03 | 12

These are the topics of the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin

Among the themes up for discussion in 2014 are media and internet policy, the digital agenda in Germany, the importance of net neutrality for audiovisual media and the issue of additional revenue for public broadcasters. Does anybody really want a 73-cent reduction in their monthly fees? Can't we put that money to better use?

The program will also focus on the latest media market developments, such as Web-only productions and new distribution models for video content. How is innovative content generated? What types of trends influence this content? How have workflows in the creative process changed over the years?

Media transformation continues to have a deep impact not only on media markets but also on our entire society. Today, different generations use media in entirely different ways. We will examine what this means for current and future media consumption in a number of sessions focusing on this complex subject.