2015 | 04 | 24

Show what you've got!

Innovative media companies present their products at MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin’s Exhibition Space.
From virtual reality and branded video publishing to barrier-free accessibility and the future of games – this year at MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin, innovative companies will present a wide variety of products in the areas of TV, Web, transmedia, mobile, and games.
MEDIA CONVENTION attendees can immerse themselves in virtual worlds with the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and Zeiss VR One virtual-reality headsets. The Berlin-based start-up Greta & Starks has developed a new reality of a wholly different kind: With its new app, it enables visually and hearing-impaired people to experience movies on the big screen. The Game Science Centre and Nagual Sounds offer a look into the future of games, presenting a wholly new kind of gaming experience. From Munich come the designers from HYVE, who will offer an exclusive presentation of their ICAROS fitness gaming device. Berlin-based tape-art collective Klebebande will also perform on site live on May 6.