2015 | 04 | 30

re:publica@MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin

#rp15 and MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin are integrated even more closely this year. The re:publica-curated Stage 6 will cast a spotlight on the new role held by those formerly known as consumers, along with questions of agenda-setting from below, media criticism, investigatory work and exposures, and brutal online attacks. What can be accomplished by the “fifth estate”, as Bernhard Pörksen’s session title puts it, and what would be better left alone? The panel on media ethics will address related issues. Following the principle of transcendence, the programme will wander slowly from the demand side to the suppliers. Young people will explain the Internet: Four high-school students will clear up preconceptions that young people aren’t interested in data protection or buying music. They’ll explain how the culture of the perfect selfie might be counteracted with a mobile app like SnapChat, how YouNow finds its way into kids’ rooms, and how nude photos of the neighbours are simply taken for granted.