re:publica Launches its Call for Papers with the Theme "Finding Europe"

Since its founding, the idea of sharing and exchanging knowledge has always been an important part of re:publica. All participants are part of a larger whole, as active members of discussions, by providing help, and above all as speakers! More than half of the 300-hour re:publica program results from submissions to the event’s call for papers.

With the Finding Europe theme, the focus of the coming #rp15 is on the digital society of our home continent with its great cultural, economic and political richness and diversity. Re:publica welcomes submissions that fit or engage with this theme, and is particularly interested in international applications. Also encouraged is everything else that sounds surprising, enlightening or entertaining from areas like politics and society, science and technology, culture and entertainment, business and innovation, education, health, or witchcraft…

The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2015.

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