2014 | 05 | 12

Quality TV under Construction: The Future of Public Broadcasting Lies in Crossmediality

In a session called "Großbaustelle Qualitätsfernsehen" ("Quality TV: Under Construction") Dr. Carsten Brosda (Media Commissioner in Hamburg), Marc Jan Eumann (State Secretary for Federal Affairs, Europe and the Media), Thomas Frickel (Managing Chairman, AG DOK), Prof. Hermann Rotermund (Head of the "Grundversorgung 2.0" Project at Leuphana University) and Patricia Schlesinger (Head of Culture and Documentations at NDR) discussed the future of public broadcasting. In this field, even the representatives of public broadcasting see the need for reforms in their own ranks. As Patricia Schlesinger noted, "We can't continue on the path we've been treading until now. The system needs to be revamped and we need to increase transparency. We need narrower structures and a smaller and more flexible apparatus!" Thomas Frickel sees the solution in audiences: "Fee-payers need to be more integrated, and public broadcasters need to be brought into the center of society! Transparency, involvement and democratic participation could provide a real creative boost to public TV!" The session also examined the introduction of the much-discussed youth channel: "The level of acceptance among young people is our main concern. We need to put programs for young audiences on the main channels in prime time. A youth channel should be out in the open and not developed behind closed doors," argued Professor Hermann Rotermund.

The general tone of the session was that public broadcasting will only endure if it embraces digital developments and finds its audiences online with the help of crossmedial concepts.