2014 | 05 | 12

Out of the Dark

How have the Snowden revelations affected the freedom of the press? Ole Reißmann (Spiegel Online) and DER SPIEGEL freelance journalist Jacob Appelbaum spoke at the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin about the machinations of intelligence services and security authorities. After the Snowden leaks on global surveillance and espionage attacks, Appelbaum decided that the methods of state intimidation in the USA were simply too massive, so he moved to Berlin. He has already applied for a residency permit in Germany and has no intention of returning to the USA: "German journalism serves the public interest; American journalism serves political institutions," argued Appelbaum. The handling of journalists, he noted, is a fundamental indication of the state a country is in. "The extent to which journalists are subjected to persecution affects the press in general and thus also the entire society."