2015 | 04 | 07

The new Generation of German TV with Jeannine Michaelsen and Matthias Murmann („Roche & Böhmermann“, „Neo Magazin“)

The new generation of German TV and Web shows plays easily, cheekily, irreverently, and fearlessly with the conventions of entertainment television, reinventing standards and turning old viewing habits upside down. On May 6, the session “That's fun! New German television” brings key figures in the young German TV community together to discuss formats, digital-video networks, and entertainment television made in Germany. Participants will include presenter Jeannine Michaelsen, widely known for “Joko und Klaas – Das Duell um die Welt” (Pro7) and “Sing meinen Song”, among other appearances; and multiple-award-winning producer Matthias Murmann, founder of bildundtonfabrik (btf), the production house that created “Roche & Böhmermann”, “Neo Magazin” with Jan Böhmermann, and the cross-media project “Mr. Dicks – Das erste wirklich subjektive Gesellschaftsmagazin”, which was recently awarded a Grimme Prize.