2014 | 05 | 12

New Gatekeepers at Home: On the Democratization of TV Entertainment

Richard Kastelein, a digital strategist and entrepreneur, summed up the latest developments in the world of television in a keynote address that brought the 2014 MEDIA CONVENTION to a close: second screen, video on demand, cloud services – all of these are changing our TV-viewing behavior, Kastelein argued. He explained that formats and providers must now adapt to these changes. "Niche is the new norm," he said, noting that individual viewers are now able to find content that meets their particular interests. When bundled worldwide, these special offerings then become mass offerings. According to Kastelein, cloud technology means that television will become a permanent reality everywhere, although this doesn't mean that linear TV will die out simultaneously. In the future, argues Kastelein, both formats will complement each other even further: "old" television will increasingly focus on live content and be curated much more by the "crowd."