2015 | 03 | 19

MEDIA CONVENTION 2015: Visionary Prof. Harald Welzer on the power of digital companies

“Google dominates us by taking possession of what is most essential to us. It threatens to create a totalitarianism without uniform,” said Prof. Harald Welzer in a recent interview with Spiegel magazine. The sociologist and professor of transformation design, who teaches in Flensburg and St. Gallen and is co-founder and director of the Futurzwei Foundation, is among the keenest thinkers of our time. In a new book appearing in April, entitled “Autonomie. Eine Verteidigung” (Autonomy. A Defence), he addresses the power of digital companies in detail for the first time. At MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin (5 to 6 May, STATION-Berlin), he will speak on how Internet businesses promise us a better world, but in the process endanger the right to individuality and privacy.