2014 | 04 | 22

mabb @ MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin: Aggregation

During a full day at MEDIA CONVENTION, the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg highlighted different perspectives on the topic of aggregation:
Limitless access to digital services requires increasing bundling and aggregation of relevant content - something which is already being done by broadcasters, platforms and ecosystems. In the latter case, global internet companies play a significant role. They collect purchasing power in the form of credit card data and are giving themselves unrestricted access to user data. Horace Dediu (analyst) used his talk to discuss the effects of these sorts of ecosystems on the user.

Further examples of aggregation by ecosystems are the app stores. These app-ecosystems dictate guidelines and rules for all participating vendors and, through this, do not only influence available content but also the business models behind said content. What effects these rules have on content availability and how open the access to these ecosystems is was being discussed by Sebastian Soete (dynamo partners).

The topic of media user experience and aggregation revolves around how users come into contact with media. In his talk, Thomas Wedl (Cellular) provided insights into utilisation paths and needs.     

Here you can find an analysis by Bertram Gugel.