The Yes Men Are Revolting teaser

2014 | 03 | 12

Kick-off with THE YES MEN

The MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin and re:publica are set to get underway on May 6, 2014 with a joint kick-off at STATION-Berlin. Please welcome: The Yes Men!

About The Yes Men:

Media activists Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum – better known as The Yes Men – have been probing the role and function of media in our lives for more than a decade. Their many compelling media actions consistently serve to challenge our expectations and question our daily behavior. On several occasions they have impersonated government officials and corporate spokesmen and ambushed internet sites, press conferences and TV studios. They call these actions "identity correction projects." The Yes Men help to blur the boundaries between political actions and art. Over the course of several years, they have perfected the use of fictitious identities and media news spin, documenting their progress in the films "The Yes Men" and "The Yes Men Save the World." Their current project is called "The Yes Men Are Revolting," a film and initiative platform focusing on climate change. They have already generated worldwide support for this new project via crowdfunding.

The Yes Men will be on hand at the launch of the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin and re:publica to tell us how the internet and other digital communication paths affect their work. We're looking forward to Mike Bonannos and Andy Bichlbaum's performance on May 6, 2014 at STATION- Berlin!