2014 | 04 | 16

Innovation through...

Innovations tend to take place beyond industry boundaries. It’s the thinking out side of the box, which enables one to cross boundaries and to find new solutions. Can a dream-database help to answer scientific questions of the future? How does pornography fertilise the development of new online business models? How can surveillance technology ease the search for video content? Visionaries and creatives meet at the interface of technology, design and entertainment and present their ideas and concepts for the new era in media.

For example: Innovation through Porn

Pornography has long been an important driver for creativity and innovation. As soon as a new mediums or new technologies made pornographic entertainment easier to consume and monetise, its retailers were quick to find the gaps in the market. The pornography market has helped to develope online technologies such as reliable payment system, electronic watermarking on images, streaming as well as video conferencing through a computer. The most recent object of desire is the technology behind Google Glass. Culture scientist Tina Lorenz investigates the leaps in technology through porn.

Another project is the mobile application `Shadow`- a dream app invented and introduced by Hunter Lee Soik.

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