"Innovation is About Making People Comfortable!" Future Interfaces – Future Formats

New interfaces are changing the moving-image industry and the way we consume digital information. The interfaces between devices and users are becoming increasingly intuitive: the best example of this is Google Glass. In the "Future Interfaces – Future Formats" session, Jens Redmer, Head of New Products at Google, and Gil Rosen, VP New Media at Telekom Innovation Labs, presented the latest trends created by their respective product designers.

Innovative technologies, such as Voice Search, Wearables and Google Glass, are tailored to the human body and natural human movements, which makes it possible to operate them intuitively. Gil Rosen even spoke of an "intuitive internet" and "superhero powers" for users. He argued that the most interesting aspect is how these technologies drive the development of new content: filmmakers, game developers and other players in the entertainment industry are inspired to create new formats by highly distinct interface design. Other industries, as well, including medicine, industrial sectors and the outdoor and sports communities, are profiting from this new usability. In fact, "future interfaces" already facilitate the work of medical operations and cooking and even support optimal performance in sports. "Innovation is about making people comfortable!" argued Rosen. So what's the biggest challenge in the coming years? For Jens Redmer, the goal is to avoid becoming "boring" and to invest a lot in the technical development of new interfaces. He argued that the trend is moving from conventional forms of digital devices towards an entirely new and innovative usage. He calls the work on this new future for products "form factor development" – the goal of which is to create a new era in device usage. Redmer notes that the important thing to remember is to make sure that it doesn't forget the user, i.e. that it remains intuitive, fun and offers added value: "The biggest challenge in the coming years is to avoid dark scenarios."