2014 | 05 | 12

Hätte, hätte, Verwertungskette - Film Distribution in an Age of Digital Transformation

On Wednesday afternoon, under the heading "Hätte, hätte, Verwertungskette - Filmverwertung im digitalen Wandel," director Jakob Lass ("Love Steaks"), cinema operator Andrea Stosiek (Sputnik), film distributor Thorsten Frehse (Neue Visionen) and VOD provider Andreas Wildfang (realeyz.tv) met with host/moderator Jon Handschin (Moviepilot) at the kitchen table on Stage 12 to talk about one of the hottest themes in today's film industry: Who can watch WHAT WHEN? Indeed, the window of exploitation strictly regulated by Germany's Film Promotion Act in the age of VoD is being questioned; but, at the same time, people are also pleading for it to be preserved. In general, all participants agreed that the long-predicted transformation was now taking place. Frehse and Lass see the future in VoD and SVoD (subscription system), which will sooner or later replace traditional television. According to Wildfang, there will be a move away from long formats towards series, and everything will result in a "trusted curation" in terms of maintaining customer loyalty.