2014 | 03 | 28

The Future of News - The Crowd vs. the Editor?

Will the news of the future be verified by the “crowd” or will editors continue to have final say on what makes it to the headlines?

Richard Porter, 'Controller of English' at BBC Global News, Benjamin Ruth, founder and CEO of VICE Germany and Mans Adler, founder of Bambuser, a new live-video streaming app will appear on the panel “The Crowd vs. the Editor” and debate the pros and cons of citizen journalism and its central question: How does one fact-check and verify user-generated content?

Since 2008 Richard Porter has been the Director of News Content at the BBC Global News. He has worked as a news editor at the BBC since 1989 and in 2005 was placed in charge of developing and modernising its live news.

Benjamin Ruth ist founder and CEO of VICE Germany. Since 2007 he leads as well the activities of VICE TV Germany. The TV-business of VICE produces for their own Online-Platform als well as for plenty of national and international TV-Channels.

Måns Adler is founder of Bambuser, a live-video streaming service, and heads the design studio ustwo in Malmö. In co-operation with the Medea Research Institute at the University of Malmö, he has established a lab to develop proto-types for the Internet of Things.