Fokus MCB16: New themes - New market players and global evaluation models

On 2 and 3 May 2016, the #MCB16 will bring together over 150 national and international experts from the media, academia and politics with decision-makers from the digital economy to discuss current questions in media and web politics, plus market trends and developments in the New Media Society. Digital visions, basic information rights, regulatory challenges and concrete distribution issues will all be under discussion.

The rapid development in market players and global evaluation due to ongoing digitalisation is one of the most pressing topics in the media today. New types of global or European licences are beginning to impinge on older territory-based agreements concerning the use of films or series. Modern regulatory guidelines are required and looked for. Digitalisation has long since reached all areas of life: social relationships, science, national security, media and culture. This gives rise to new questions. How do we reconcile our desire to make the most of our digital opportunities with worries about sacrificing our privacy, the abuse of big data or the power of global digital corporations? Do we need to rethink and be more alert about the way we position ourselves? There are no longer any easy answers. Different models and approaches often lead to success in one and the same area or market. 

Key players present their approaches and solutions at #MCB16 and discuss the issues that preoccupy the industry: What strategies for growth and innovation should public and private broadcasters pursue in view of the increasing competition from online-only providers like Netflix and Amazon? What challenges and opportunities come with the advances being made by internal digital markets and global licences for content-producers? How can we establish a legal basis that does not disregard digitalisation but is usable by providers and consumers alike? How can variety be guaranteed? #MCB16 explores the possibilities.