Film & TV Made in Germany

German film and TV productions were once considered heavy fare overseas. These days, however, international demand for "quality TV made in Germany" is increasing. In fact, improved scripts, show concepts and technical quality have led Germany to become one of Europe's most important TV exporters.  

Exklusiv auf der MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin: MEET THE TEAMS from Circus HalliGalli, Fack ju Göhte & 24hJerusalem

The teams behind Grimme Award-winners Circus HalliGalli, the smash box-office hit Fack ju Göhte (over 7 million tickets sold in Germany alone) and the mammoth documentary film project 24h Jerusalem will provide insights into their work. In a series of case studies, audiences will experience how the ideas and content behind these successful film and TV productions came about. What inspired the creators? What are the key strengths of their production locations? What are their upcoming plans?

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Film & TV Made in Germany


For the longest time, German film and television production was regarded internationally as rather heavy going. Today however, international demand for quality television programming “made in Germany” is on the increase. Better scripts, show concepts and higher technical standards have allowed German productions to catch-up to international competitors.  What potentials lie in the German TV market place? We present case-studies of successful film and television productions, talk about factors for success and take a look behind the scenes. What inspired the makers to create their works and ideas? What are the strengths of working in the Berlin-Brandenburg region? What are they planning next?

24h Jerusalem

Volker Heise (Filmmaker und Partner, Zero One Film)
Thomas Kufus (CEO and Producer, Zero One Film)                                                                                                                                                                                                   Annette Muff (Head of Europe, 24 h Jerusalem)

Fack ju Göhte

Jella Haase (Actor)
Torsten Koch (CEO Renting, Marketing & Publicity of Constantin Film)
Frank Kusche (Assistant Director)
Lena Schömann (Producer of Ratpack)
Regina Tiedeken (Kostümbildnerin)

Circus HalliGalli

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (Presenter / Producer)
Katharina Karg (Head of Talents & Artist Relations of Florida TV GmbH)
Arno Schneppenheim (Head of Comedy and Light Entertainment Endemol Deutschland GmbH, CEO of Florida TV GmbH)
Thomas Schmitt (Creative Producer of Florida TV GmbH)
Joko Winterscheidt (Presenter)



Christiane Stenger (ZDFneo)