2014 | 05 | 12

Content across borders! How to Create Borderless Access to Public Broadcast in Europe

How can we resolve the contradictions between national, fee-based TV content and a global internet? And how can we modify legal conditions in order to enable access in the EU space?

These and other questions were discussed by Ingrid Deltenre (Direktorin, EBU), Marie Humeau (EDRI) and Lorena Boix Alonso (EU Commission). Host Solona Larsen got things underway by pointing to significant demand on the part of audiences for these offerings: “Citizens expect to be provided with material from all public broadcasters across Europe.” Ingrid Deltenre formulated three problem areas: first of all, media producers are increasingly under pressure to make their programs and productions more accessible while still covering primarily the national market; secondly, a problem is posed by the globalization of the film industry along with simultaneous extensive diversification; and, finally, globally active media companies find themselves confronted with a variety of national regulations. Lorena Boix Alonso described the EU Commission's key task as the establishment of a simplified legal basis, in particular in the field of copyright on the European level. She argued that the right balance between a public and private system would create the conditions for pluralistic media offerings. For her part, Marie Humeau concluded that the market has not yet provided an adequate solution to cross-border distribution, and thus that legislatures must now intervene.