2014 | 04 | 22

Berlin Baby! Visions for the Future of the Coolest City on Earth

Berlin is… Germany’s show-case location for the digital economy: The startup scene is booming, Berlin’s attractive living and working conditions bring in creative minds from across the world and no other location in Germany can compete with the amount of new Internet, social media, mobile or IT businesses being founded here.   

Berlin is also… in serious need of catching up economically and dealing with the associated challenges. Thus the demand: In the coming years, Berlin-Brandenburg must increase its support for investment in the surging digital economy and increase the locations attractiveness for investors.

Media entrepreneurs, politicians and business founder will come together at the MEDIA CONVENTION to discuss their work, visions and demands.

Media and Internet Policy

Berlin Baby! Visions for the Future of the coolest City on Earth


Presented by Exozet
Berlin-Brandenburg is Germany’s showcase location for the digital economy: the start-up scene is booming and attractive living and working conditions are drawing-in media creators from across the world. On the other hand, Berlin-Brandenburg is dealing with a high unemployment rate and a low gross domestic product. The general demand is for Berlin-Brandenburg to increase its support for the surging digital economy in the coming years, as well as increase its attractiveness for investors. But how do local-based businesses feel about Berlin-Brandenburg? What are media creators themselves doing for the region? What are their visions, their wishes? In a narrated video show, Berlin media creators talk about the advantages and challenges of life and work in Berlin, show us their offices and favourite spots in the city and give us their personal take on the coolest city on Earth.   



Björn Böhning (Head of the Berlin Senate Chancellery)

Dagmar Reim (General Director at German public broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg )

Boris Wasmuth (CEO GameDuell)

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (TV Host)



Boris Wasmuth (CEO GameDuell)

Frank Zahn (CEO and Founder Exozet)

Dr. Marc Lammek (CEO MME Me, Myself & Eye Entertainment)

Leah Stuhltrager (Mitgründerin, The Wye)


Jo Schück (Moderator und Autor ZDF)