2014 | 04 | 29

Apps, Games und Transmedia made in Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin and Brandenburg, centre of the digital creative industry, is significantly shaping future audio-visual culture. In 2006, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg was the first federal state funding body to introduce an “Innovative Audio-Visual Content” funding program for games, apps social media, transmedia and interactive content.

The programme has funded numerous exciting and award winning projects. A selection of these projects will present themselves in short and concise presentation – each in 6 minutes and 40 seconds – at the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin: the Berlin on Film app, the INTEGRRRATE game, the social network MELMAO, the children’s book app MILLI as well as the transmedia projects Das richtige Leben im Falschen.


Media Business

Micro Talks: Apps, Games und Transmedia made in Berlin-Brandenburg


Berlin-Brandenburg is a centre for the digital creative industry and it is here that the future of audio-visual culture is being shaped. Since late 2006, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg has funded Innovative Audiovisual Content and supports the dynamics within this market segment. Since then, numerous exciting and even award winning projects were created. A number of these will be presented during this session. 

Presentations will be limited to 6 minutes and 40 seconds. During this time, up to 20 images may be shown but each no longer than 20 seconds. This format has already established itself in business and science thanks to its short, to-the-point presentation style.


Location Scout App: BERLIN ON FILM (iOS / Android)

Christoph Güttel


Sebastian Stamm und Tobias Bilgeri


Social Network: MELMAO

Stephan Lethaus


Maria Grau Stenzel


Transmedia: RLF- Das richtige Leben im falschen

Anne Levy und Dr. Woitek Konzal



Ina Göring and Esther Rothstegge