2014 | 04 | 29

5 questions for Omri Marcus

On May 7th Omri Marcus, Head of Creative at electricsheep.tv, will talk about the future of television and format development. Boforehand we asked him about his work, developments on the TV-market and his favorite TV-show.


What would you say are the most interesting developments on the international TV-market recently?

"I feel like we live in the most fascinating era of TV since the invention of the medium. The current revolution is much greater than the move to the color TV or Video age. TV is the same (more or less) device in your living room however it's been used for a whole lot of new uses. The process of relationship between first and second screen will change completely the meaning of home entertainment."


 What do you love most about your job?

"My Job is actually a life long journey to answer the needs of an annoying viewer aka myself. I constantly demand to be excited, to see something new all the time and to get the best value for my precious time. When I develop shows or leading creative teams I keep asking the question – why should I watch the show? It's a journey to see crystal clear what people want and how can I push the envelope as far as possible."


What helps you being creative?

"I'm part of a generation that revolutionized the story telling. It's still the same structure as Aristo defined it hundreds of years ago but the combination of the technological revolution that changed our life along with social changes opened a whole new world of ways to tell stories. In addition the short attention span, cynicism and inflation of options made the TV industry to sharp the effectiveness of the stories so they will have maximum emotional effect in minimum time."


What’s special or characteristic for your video platform electricsheep.tv?

"Electric Sheep believe that the content should find people. We created a network of thousands of sites in which we distribute content. We analyze what the one would have wanted to watch and then present the most relevant content in the site they already visiting."


What’s your favorite TV-Show?

"That's a really tough question. Since I watch on a daily basis so many hours of TV from all around the world – it needs to be extremely mind blowing to keep my attention. I love British panel shows, Norwegian comedy shows, Japanese game shows and Israeli dramas. But If I need to take only one show to a deserted island – I would pick US's The Colbert Report."