New Media, Old Money? Web Video Goes Mainstream


Traditional media companies and brands are suddenly buying new, highly promising media makers and influencers. “Older” players today stand behind most of the larger YouTube offerings and networks. YouTube has thus changed significantly in recent years, from a democratic platform for enthusiastic video makers to a corporation that can no longer act quickly. Moreover, it faces threats from all sides, as Facebook is taking the gloves off, and Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular. How does the market change when big corporations stand behind the offerings? What content is popular in the mainstream? What kind of influence is the new competition having on content, creators, and marketers?

Keynote with subsequent discussion.


Betram Gugel, Media Scientist, Blogger

Christoph Krachten, CEO, Videodays

Oguz Yilmaz, YouTuber Y-Titty


Daniel Fiene, Head of Audience Engagement, Rheinische Post