New forms of advertising – New advertising oversight. Impetus for the regulation of video platforms.


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This is advertising? Content marketing, influencer relations and native advertising 16.15 – 16.35

Advertising in and around Internet videos can take many forms. More and more brands are producing fully finished spots featuring well-known figures in order to place their messages. On portals, product placements in videos, photos, and Facebook posts can be secured for as low as €100. Influencers with hundreds of thousands of fans, followers, and subscribers are marketed in a highly targeted way. And media companies work with their advertisers to create native-advertising content that is perfectly integrated with their own offerings.
Theresa Grotendorst provides an overview of new forms of advertising and marketing strategies.


Theresa Grotendorst, Content Management and Strategy Consultant

Covert advertising? No thanks! An impetus for advertising oversight on video platforms. 16.35 – 17.15

Given the diversity of new platforms, producers and possibilities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate advertising and content. As a corollary, it is increasingly difficult to demand compliance with universal standards. And finally, the distinction between print media and broadcasters is fluid on video platforms. These are all good reasons to discuss the system of regulation directly with the industry. At the same time, agencies and brands are developing working models of cooperation with their testimonials, in the process defining what advertising and its identification might look like in the future.


Dr. Jürgen Brautmeier, Director of the North Rhine-Westphalia Media Authority (LfM), Chairman of the Conference of Directors of the Media Authorities (DLM)

Dr. Christoph Wagner, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP

Marius Voigt, fischerAppelt


Dr. Joachim Huber, Head of Media Division, Der Tagesspiegel