The Net is a Good Place, If We Make it One Together


In the summer of 2015, the #einBuchfuerKai campaign created a veritable love storm on the Net. What conditions made this possible? Initiator Hannes Korten reports on the campaign, and explains what needs to happen in order to make the Net a good place together.

In 2015, the German-language Internet saw numerous large campaigns focused on organising solidarity-style help for people in need. Examples include #einBuchfuerKai, #1000malWillkommen, #BloggerfuerFluechtlinge. People organised swift and unbureaucratic help, thus giving the Net a human face.

During the #einBuchfuerKai campaign, the call for help for the seriously ill Kai Fitzner spread speedily around the Net in just a few hours. Thousands of the author’s books were purchased, and more than 200 people donated a total of €13,000 without any strings attached. A publisher quickly snapped up the book for its own catalogue.

With a look back on the experience of #einBuchfuerKai, initiator and award-winning meme-spreader Johannes Korten will explain the conditions that need to be in place in order to spark such a love storm. Appropriately for the anniversary of re:publica’s creation, the session will examine the mechanisms and prerequisites through which we can together make the Net a good place.


Johannes Korten, Innovations and Online-Marketing Manager, GLS Bank