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Radio’s Second Coming – Digital Audio Conquers the Net

Audio is experiencing a second wave of appreciation. A good 10 years after the initial podcast hype, digital audio has today established itself. Recent phenomena such as the “Serial” podcast or online audio in cars (VW, Ford, BMW) are signs of this new maturity. Platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, and the German Radioplayer underline this fact. Publishers (Die Welt, Süddeutsche, Zeit Online) are expanding their audio offerings. After years of hype about video, it seems that the audio “niche” is being taken seriously as an interesting market.


Christian Bollert, Managing director, / BEBE Medien GmbH


How I Created the German Film Blogosphere All by Myself
Hardly anyone is interested in people who blog about film in Germany, because they themselves aren’t interested in each other. It’s therefore time to introduce the German film blogosphere to the world, analysing, dissing, and praising it where appropriate. A look into a fascinating world that blends high, pop, and Internet culture. Also included: the pesky question of whether spoilers, like the fact that Bruce Willis was dead all along, are allowed.


Alexander Matzkeit, Real Virtuality – Towards a ‘Wikipedia for Children’
Many children use Wikipedia both in school and during their leisure time. However, the online encyclopaedia isn’t written for kids. A new project – Klexicon, a kind of “Wikipedia for children” – has taken inspiration from this fact. The children’s encyclopaedia, released under a CC license, is supported by Wikimedia Deutschland. Participants intend to have the first 1,000 child-friendly articles available by the end of 2015. In wiki form, of course. And as a Christmas present for all the kids in German-speaking countries.


Sebastian Nuss, 3sat Netzkultur