Making Money on YouTube


Multi-channel networks (MCNs) are the player of the hour in the digital-video business. Offering channel management, content-upload features and marketing, they make life easier for the young YouTube stars, and receive a share of advertising revenue in return for their services. The MCNs generally oversee several hundred channels, and boast hundreds of millions of views every month. However, a growing number of artists want to express their creativity on their own terms, and are turning away from the big profit-oriented networks. Berlin’s 301+, for example, refers to itself as a circle of friends, and sees itself as a non-commercial alternative to the MCNs. What potential do these YouTube networks offer, and how will they change the media business? 


Jens-Uwe Bornemann, Senior Vice President Digital Europe at FremantleMedia Group Ltd und Senior Vice President Digital at UFA

Xi Chen, Strategist, TLGG

LeFloid, YouTuber at 301+

Melissa Lee, Fashion Designer und YouTuber

Sebastian Romanus, Managing Director Maker Studios Germany


Jeannine Michaelsen, Presenter