LOL - Laugh out loud! African political Satire in restricting Political Contexts


Political satire in Africa is blooming. A growing number of satirists of the continent produce TV and internet-shows, write sketches, blogs and draw cartoons. Because it uses humor satire can survive in plain sight for a long time and thus is possible in even the most restricting political contexts and closing civic spaces. It engages people – especially the youth – and makes the often depressing reality a little more endurable. Furthermore, satire informs as much as it entertains and provides an alternative narrative of political participation and information. Often it finds its audience through social media – especially through blogs, twitter, WhatsApp and facebook.


Siyanda Mohutsiwa, Writer and Satirist

Layla Al-Zubaidi, Director

Tongai Leslie Makawa, Projects Manager Magamba Network

Comrade Fatso, Creative Director Magamba Network