Live is the New Black: What’s So Special About Livestreaming?


Live is life – Ten years ago, only nerds were interested in live streaming. Today, thanks to Twitch, Periscope, Facebook Mentions, and Younow, it’s the hype-object of the hour. Is it the content, the live factor, or the interactivity? Where are the risks and opportunities, and how can one become a successful live streamer? From a purely technical perspective, anyone – from professional media companies to teenagers with enough bandwidth – can today broadcast live directly from a mobile phone or computer. This raises the question: Does anyone actually want to watch, or is the digital world going down the road of classic live programming on TV? We’ll find out here, naturally live streamed and in person.  


Daniel Budiman, Journalist & Founder Rocket Beans Entertainment

Bea Knecht, Co-founder and board chairwoman Zattoo

Tobias Schiwek


Daniel Fiene, Head of Audience Engagement Rheinische Post