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Gaming content is growing more popular by the day. Let’s Play videos are one particularly successful format. Originally conceived as a way to help other players beat digital enemies, find hidden treasures and improve their performances, these videos now attract millions of loyal fans who simply have fun watching their favourite gamers play. The most well-known gamers on YouTube are searched for as often as Katy Perry. What makes Let’s Play videos so successful? Who are the stars of the German scene? And how can this growing trend be best utilised? 


Etienne Gardé, Live Let's Player, Rocket Beans TV

Arno Heinisch, Founder and CEO of Rocketbeans TV

Ronald Horstman, CEO Studio71

Simon Krätschmer, Live Let's Player, Rocket Beans TV


Kathrin Thüring, Presenter, Radio Fritz

After the panel: "Live Let’s Play" - with Grand Theft Auto 5!