Influencer Marketing, or “I’d love it if you’d support me….”: Social-Media Reach Becomes a Marketable Good.


If every 11-year-old girl smells like the same shower gel on Friday morning, it might be because they all watched Bibi on YouTube on Thursday. Fine, but it used to be the same with the Literarische Quartett, right? Except that was adults with good incomes, all showing up at the bookstore the day after the programme aired. How susceptible are young people to product placement? Are current standards enough to protect them? Who makes sure standards being followed? And just how much are producers really influenced by corporate sponsors? 


Xi Chen, Strategist, Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr (TLGG)

Sarah Kübler, Founder and CEO HitchOn

Cornelia Holsten, Director Bremische Landesmedienanstalt


Joachim Huber, Head of Media Division Der Tagesspiegel