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Hoods up! - About Hoodie Journalism, rustling Leaves and other Novelties in the Pixel Forest


The discussions surrounding Stefan Plöchinger’s appointment as Editor-in-Chief of the Süddeutsche Zeitung once again revealed the existing gulf between print journalists and their online counterparts. According to online writers, print editors drag their feet when it comes to breaking news and utterly miss out on the most current debates and trends. On the other hand, newspaper editors see their online colleagues as too hectic and overly fixated on click-rates, social media comments and US-hypes such as Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and Circa. Where are we on our journey into the world of digital news? Germany’s leading web journalists discuss self-confident online journalism, upheavals on the executive levels and other rustlings from the pixel forest.   


Jochen Wegner (Editor-in-Chief ZEIT ONLINE)

Katharina Borchert (CEO SPIEGEL Online)

Stefan Plöchinger (Editor-in-Chief Sü