Hollywoods Hacker


Eine Veranstaltung der re:publica

Four hands on a keyboard, file systems as 3D animations, and programming practically in their sleep: The way Hollywood imagines hackers often has little to do with reality. Still, this artificial big-screen action tends to be vastly more watchable than someone hunched over a computer as they work. We’ll show the tricks films use to make Internet connections and computer viruses visible. We’ll look at particularly absurd scenes, as well as those that seem reasonably realistic and still manage to be exciting. Our thesis: It’s getting better. Hollywood had to learn eventually, because more and more people understand more about technology. Of course we’ll also have the particularly awful outliers that ultimately serve to confirm our thesis.


Ole Reißmann, Head of Development Department, Spiegel Online

Hakan Tanriverdi, Freelance Journalist, Süddeutsche.de