@Heuteplus, or How We Journalists Learn to Love the Flame Wars



Social first, TV second! Technically trivial, but a formal and practical challenge for journalists like us.

Thanks to comments and discussion threads, all those who were once only viewers can themselves become a part of the news. Follow-ups to intensely discussed pieces are becoming as important as the news agenda. For journalists, discussions with users are taking on as much significance as reporting information in the first place.

In the refugee debate, journalism has blended with social work in comment sections, while TV presenters have suddenly become the faces of the “lying press”, facing regular accusation as a result. Being easily reached is gaining in relative importance – and not only for breaking news. Live tools enable presenters and editorial teams to interact directly with readers and viewers.

In the year since our launch, we at heute+ have had considerable experience in this field as we’ve tried to rethink news reporting and the way we communicate information. At re:publica, we offer insight into this aspect of ZDF’s work. We’re heute+: AMA (Ask Me Anything).


Daniel Bröckerhoff, Freelance journalist

Elmar Theveßen, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Current Affairs Department Head, ZDF