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The Future of News – The Crowd vs. the Editor?


Digital technologies, social media and mobile phones in particular, are changing the way media is produced, disseminated and consumed. Those closest to the action now have the ability to capture the moment on a simple phone and publish it immediately, without having to wait for a camera team to arrive or a media channel for distribution. Whilst many established media have begun to incorporate citizen journalism into their work, often the question on how user generated content can be verified remains a critical issue. Four leading media personalities will present their views and theories and discuss the future of news production and verification.How will the newsroom be reorganized to accommodate crowd-based approaches? Will editors remain in a position of power as the decision makers over the news that make the headlines? 



Mans Adler (Founder Bambuser)

Rowan Barnett (Market Director Germany Twitter)

Richard Porter (Controller of English BBC Global News)

Benjamin Ruth (CEO Vice Media)



John Goetz