Finally Understanding Snapchat – Hands On for Beginners



The Snapchat app turns all assumptions about digital communications upside down, often leading even the most social-media-savvy journalists to give an uncomprehending headshake when they first try to use it. At #rpTEN MediaConvention, profile agent Kixka Nebraska wants to change that. This workshop will demystify the app, teaching participants how to use Snapchat, what the point of all the filters and functions are, and how Snapchat can be usefully employed. Nebraska will also answer questions such as how the app is built, and what good content looks like. To participate in the Snapchat workshop, you should first install the app, which is available for iOS and Android. The session will be a true hands-on experience, providing helpful tips for live experimenting and photo-snapping.

About #DMW

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