Film & TV Made in Germany – Meet the Teams


Thanks to series productions like the German film and television market is enjoying increasing international popularity. Germany – and thus Berlin-Brandenburg – is more and more often becoming a centre for international co-productions, raising hopes that a new golden age as a production location is underway. What defines the new German film and television content? What potential does the German film and TV market hold? The session presents case studies from successful German film and television (co)productions, and takes a look behind the curtains with cast and crew members.  



Wilfried Geike, President and CEO, Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH

Dan Maag, CEO PANTALEON Entertainment GmbH & Pantaflix

Dr. Christoph Schneider, Managing Director of Amazon Instant Video Germany GmbH

Matthias Schweighöfer, Actor, Director and Producer

"Club der roten Bänder"

Timur Bartels, Actor

Jan Kromschröder, Producer and Executive Partner, Bantry Bay Productions

Arne Nolting, Screenwriter

Bernd Reichart, VOX CEO and Executive Board Member, RTL Deutschland

Jan Martin Scharf, Director and Screenwriter

"Tankstellen des Glücks"

Christian Beetz, Managing Partner, gebrueder beetz filmproduktion

Olaf Grunert, Head of the Drama Dept. ZDF &ARTE / Deputy Head of the ARTE

Friedrich Liechtenstein, Entertainer


Jo Schück, Author and presenter ZDF