Film & TV made in Germany - Meet the Team


Demand for high-quality TV “made in Germany” is growing. With better screenplays and show concepts, and a higher technical quality, German productions have made great strides in catching up to their international competitors. What further potential does the German TV market hold? We present case studies of outstanding film and television productions, examine factors that have contributed to success, and take a look behind the scenes. 

Meet the Team

Team Wallraff (RTL)

Caro Lobig, Under Cover Reporter

Torsten Misler, Under Cover Reporter

Günter Wallraff, Journalist, Author


"Der Lack ist ab"

Tac Romey, Producer

Manuel Uhlitzsch, Managing Director Magic Internet GmbH

Kai Wiesinger, Actor

Bettina Zimmermann, Actress


Tatort (RBB)

Meret Becker, Actress

Heiner Heller, Programme head, multimedia and innovations, RBB

Dr. Stefan Kolditz, Writer, Playwright and Screenwriter

Dr. Josefine Schröder-Zebralla, Producer RBB



Jo Schück, Author and Presenter at ZDF