The End of Search? New Ways of Finding Content.


A mabb event

How can users find live content?
13.45 – 14.15
Content should and must reach users where they are, in social-media streams, in apps, on portals, and of course in search results. For this reason, the universal presence of media content across all these channels is becoming increasingly important. Various strategies to this end exist, ranging from traditional marketing and advertising to cross-promotion to intelligent partner models and social media.
SKY successfully manages to attract new users through marketing and promotion, and of course by offering appealing content. Laola1.TV finds partners with broad reach that can distribute its live streams on a just-in-time basis. and its peers rely on the community of streamers that have built audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Felix Blank, Head of Strategic Dev., Laola1.TV

David Hiltscher, Turtle Entertainment / ESL.TV, VP Gaming Communities

Julia Lettinger, Head of Strategy, Sky Deutschland GmbH & Co KG


Daniel Fiene, Social-Media Editor, Blogger

Speech 14.30 - 14.45
The good, the bad and the default
Firefox switches to Yahoo in the US and Google loses 4% market share — the largest drop since 2009. Default settings have tremendous impact. This is a talk about the small (and not so small) design decisions that shape the behavior of millions of users. It's about responsibility and about balancing simplicity and choice. Philipp Sackl takes you behind the scenes of Mozilla and the Firefox design team.


Philipp Sackl, Lead Designer, Mozilla

Speech 14.15 – 14.30
New ways of finding content: Is search’s dominance ending?
Social networks, notifications, instant-message applications, virtual assistants, smart watches, and voice activation. The traditional search paradigms are quickly losing significance in these environments. Content will no longer be searched for, but will instead be pushed directly to the user. Dr. Harald Sack illustrates the impact that new devices, interaction paradigms, and habits of use will have on search and the discovery of content.


Dr. Harald Sack, Senior Researcher, Hasso Plattner Institute for IT Systems Engineering (HPI)