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Distribution Market Remixed - Film Distribution in the Digital Transition


The classic distribution process of cinema, film rental, sales and TV broadcast is increasingly being replaced by a new mix of film premiers, direct distribution via streaming platforms and classic rights procurement by TV networks. Models such as streaming-premiers accompanying premiers at the cinema and Ultra-VoD are already undergoing trials. Which opportunities arise from the new forms of distribution for film makers and producers? Do cinema operators need to be concerned for their livelihood? We bring together film makers, distributors, cinema operators and platforms to discuss opportunities and risks of digital utilisation.



Jakob Lass (Director „Love Steaks“)

Andrea Stosiek (CEO Sputnik Kino and A. Stosiek Event Service & Media Agency)

Thorsten Frehse (CEO Neue Visionen Filmverleih)

Andreas Wildfang (CEO



Jon Handschin (Founder Moviepilot)