DISCONNECTED 2: Live Virtual Reality Performance


"DISCONNECTED 2 is a performance by Thorsten S. Wiedemann, @st0rn0 and Sara Anna Lisa Vogl, @saralisavogl Produced by A MAZE. and technical partner VR Nerds DISCONNECTED is a series of VR performances. Our first encounter with the VR world took place in January 2016 at Game Science Center Berlin where Thorsten S. Wiedemann (founder and director of A MAZE.) archiving as the first VR Naut the world record by staying for 48 hours straight in virtual reality. In teamwork with VR Shaman Sara Lisa Vogl (Lucid Trips, VR Nerds) no human being has ever spent such a long time in computer generated virtual reality.

The consistent further development of DISCONNECTED as well as the advanced VR technology opens up new possibilities of human interaction. We are going to experience how social and emotional VR can be, contrary to the dystopian critics of isolation and uncanny valley. For the Media Convention at re:publicaTEN we like to explore the new possibilities on the social side of VR.

Therefore the second performance of DISCONNECTED 2 is focussing on Social VR and the aspect of interaction between the inner and outer world by using Mixed Reality. The protagonists of the inner world are the VR Nauts Thorsten and Sara, who can be observed by the outer world, the disconnected public, who are the viewers of the stream and the audience onsite at the event."